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Ruth's Table

The Art of Disability Culture

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 27 from 6:00 -8:00 pm

Exhibition: April 27 — June 23, 2023

3160 21st Street    San Francisco, CA 94110

Ruth's Table is an arts nonprofit committed to increasing access to creative opportunities for older adults and adults with disabilities, providing an inclusive and inspiring environment for creative expression and intergenerational connections.

With older adults at the core of our mission, Ruth's Table offers a dynamic combination of rotating gallery exhibitions, creative programming, and community initiatives.

Participation in the arts — whether as a maker, supporter or observer — enhances the quality of life for individuals, providing opportunities for self expression, social engagement, and personal growth. 


For older adults, engagement in multi-disciplinary arts also contributes to their physical, intellectual and emotional well-being, reduces isolation, stimulates cognitive functioning, promotes personal growth, and active lifestyle.


Can I Catch a Flight to Bergerac?

19.5" x 31" 


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